Video Production


Video production services from top to bottom. We love hearing your story and helping you share your message.

Strategy First

Concept Development | Creative Direction | Script Writing | Logistics

Why are we doing this? What message do we need to tell? We’ll start by exploring your overall goals to see how we fit in and we’ll come up with a detailed plan of how we can achieve your vision. Its our job to listen, learn, and advise so you can improve your marketing, awareness, safety or fundraising initiatives. Once we have a solid plan and feeling great about it, we start looking at dates and logistics.

Coordinated Production

Image Capture | Sound Recording | Risk Management | Crew Directing

Bringing to the table great leadership, years of experience in cinematography and a deep passion for story telling, this is when it’s time to shine. We take pride in being able to direct structured video productions. Once we’ve captured all images, sound effects and voiceovers, we head to the studio and piece it all together. We’ll be keeping you informed on a weekly basis and take special care to make the creation process a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

Optimized Delivery

Social Media | Crosspost Opportunity | Project Teaser | Call to Action | Behind the Scenes

You’ve got an important story to tell.. Is there anyone listening? We adapt to your targeted audience and optimize your message. It’s fascinating how much quality content a video production company makes during the creation stage and it would be a shame to let some of it get forgotten on a hard-drive. We are brilliant at finding the best ways to get the most out a production, reach your audience and share your story.

Let us share your story.

Let us share your story.