Aerial Cinematography


Aerial Photography requires more than just a drone. The crucial difference with Flow Motion Aerials is you are hiring photographic experts.

Cinematography Services

Promotional Videos | Athletes Videos | Short Films | Cinema | Television

This is our specialty. With over seven years in adventure filmmaking, we’ve come to know how to be at the right place at the right moment. Using the latest cameras and lenses for filmmaking, we are able to realize the looks and visions you are dreaming of.
FMA Service Still Aerial Cinematography
Cinematic FPV Drone Filming-Cinelifter

Hypercine Cinematic FPV

Sports | Scenics | Indoors | Architecture | Documentaries

A surging type of cinematography that will leave you speechless. Using FPV drones and the latest software image stabilization technology, we are able to fly faster and more precisely than ever before. This can mean a variety of applications such as indoor filming, high speed chases or even big mountain exploration. Hypercine is proximity flying at its finest.

Real Estate Videography

Properties | Businesses | Farms | Golf Courses | Lands | Parks

Perspective plays a huge role when presenting a house. Aerial videography brings what you want to share to a new light. With our experienced eye, we are able to take the viewer’s vantage to a bigger picture.

Live Broadcast | Coverage

Events | Competitions | Gatherings | Weddings | Festivals

Media coverage has now become a must when it comes to any event. What better way to immerse viewers into the action than with state of the art aerial imagery. We are proud to offer Full HD stabilized FPV and traditional drone live broadcasting as part of our service. With safety being one of our top priorities, our team will know how to promote your event without putting anyone at risk.

Does your project need stunning images?

Does your project need stunning images?

Virtual Reality Services

360° Panoramas | 360° Filming

The power of virtual reality will leave you and your clients speechless. 360° Panoramas are an excellent way to introduce your venue or attraction to everyone. We also offer 360° aerial videos.

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